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Paypal masspay payment wizard

PayPal MassPay is a great option that can save payment fee vs normal PayPal payment. It is only available when you have balance in PayPal account. If you want to use credit card via PayPal, you will have to use normal PayPal payment option.

MassPay Fee:

Normal Fee:

For more details, please visit

Here are the steps to make the MassPay payment.

1.Save on your computer the payment file: masspay_to_mobpart.txt.

2.In the file, modify the amount according to your order.

3.In the file, modify the order # according to your order.

4.Log in to

5.Click on the Send Money tab.

6.Click on Make a Mass Payment. – If you don’t have this option, please contact your account manager. Some accounts don’t have this option until approved.

7.Click on Browse, and select the masspay_to_mobpart.txt file you previously downloaded and modified on your computer.

8.In the Recipient Type drop-down menu, choose Email Address

9.Click on Continue

10.Double check your payment info, click Send and recipients will receive an email notification when the process is complete. You'll get one too.

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